My name is Ann Moore or more known as Coach Ann for ISR lessons. I graduated from the University of New Orleans with a M.Ed specializing in Early Childhood Education, Curriculum and Instruction, and Reading specialist. Although teaching in the classroom was fulfilling, I always felt I needed to do more for the community. In 2004, I received that calling. My son, Preston, age 18 months old at that time, gave me the answer. Being around lots of water sources in my Idaho neighborhood and Preston not really a huge fan about being in the water, led me on my initial quest for ISR lessons and knowing what these types of lessons offered for my son and family. Preston was taught by his amazing ISR instructor, Dotty Jones, in 2004. I was in awe of how Preston became ISR skilled in less than 6 weeks and how much his skills improved (i.e., free style) throughout maintenance lessons till the age of 7 years old. Two years after my son’s initial ISR training. In 2006, I gave up “Books for Fins” to become an ISR instructor and to be a part of the solution and follow the ISR lifetime mission “Not One More Child Drowns.” I enjoy teaching young children from 6 months to 6 years’ old how to self rescue themselves in the water if they should ever reach the water alone.I love educating the community/parents about preventing childhood drowning and how to swim their children once they have been ISR skilled and most of all, how to have fun in the water. Furthermore, I am excited to be celebrating 16 years as an ISR instructor in July of 2021. When I am out of the water, I share life with my super partner in crime or soul mate/husband, Craig, for 42 years. Craig has been and still is my number one fan as an ISR instructor especially when I am teaching ISR lessons 5 days a week or 40 hours a week. Did I mention the fact that Craig is an amazing cook who prepares daily healthy and clean meals so I can do the job that I love the most. I am also a mom to a 21 year old daughter, Julia, and Preston, 18 years old to date and a dog mom to our loyal family pet of over 10 years, Sandy Cheeks. In my freetime, I embrace spending quality time (i.e.Virtual now, lol) with friends and gifting my friends with little treasures to say how much I love them being in my life.I enjoy watching biographies, love stories, documentaries, etc. I love practicing yoga, TRX, and Pilates and any other self help out there (i.e. getting a massage and a pedicure with my daughter). I am fond of hiking, camping, and traveling whenever I can. I feel that my life has been blessed and continues on.

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