Having lost a brother to drowning when I was a child it was very important for me to enroll my children into ISR. We have now been going for 5 years. All 3 children have swam with Coach Ann. Our girls are all very comfortable and confident swimmers at 9,6 and 3 years old. We are so very thankful for ISR and this is by far a program every single child should start with.

Abby Davis

It has been remarkable to see in just 14 lessons how quickly my 20 month old is able to float, and flip over on her own in the water to the floating position. I’m confident her abilities would be nowhere near what they are in a more typical swim lesson type class. We are so grateful to Ann and her amazing ability to help lead our daughter in learning life saving skills!

Jessica Rieke

We found Ann by chance 16 years ago as she was just starting her ISR journey. My oldest child was her first student; they both taught each other many valuable skills. Since then Ann has taught all 6 of my children to swim. Each one of them has had their own reaction to swim lessons and Ann has been able to connect with each child in order to teach them to swim. I have watched each and every one of my kids use the skills they have been taught by Ann. We have always watched them closely around water. However, they have each used their ISR training to rescue themselves at least once. I couldn't imagine what would have happened if we hadn't had Ann train our kids in the invaluable ISR skills.

Jocelyn Murray

My son is a month shy of turning 4. He took one 4-week swim course through the year (right before the pandemic) and he didn’t learn much—I never gained any confidence in his knowledge from that course. After only completing 2 classes through Coach Ann, I was incredibly impressed. I had tears of joy because I couldn’t believe that was even possible. He has only completed 3 weeks of ISR (5 days a week) and I already feel too confident in his ability to help himself if something were to happen. I know I need to obviously still be cautious with him around water but it truly is incredible to see. Coach Ann was able to encourage him to gain the confidence he needed and somehow was able to motivate him to float, which always terrified him so much. Until your child is in maintenance, it is a commitment for both the child and the parent and it is on the pricier side but I have zero regrets and I will say that it is 100% worth it. It is heartbreaking that children get into situations where they drown, even without a pool, and it is so important for them to learn the skills they need to help themselves. Thank you, Coach Ann, for helping my mama anxiety!


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